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Start your search with InvisibleHand

It’s here!

If you would prefer to leave behind the golden notifications for something full screen, then you can now start your search with an InvisibleHand search site which lists all the available prices in a handy webpage.

Even better – it’s incredibly easy to switch between the flights, car rentals and hotels option, with the travel tabs at the top. A bargain hunters holiday booking dream!

Take a look at the screen shots below to see how you could be simplifying your online searches, or try it for yourself here.

Look out for shopping comparison which is coming soon…

What do you think of the new InvisibleHand site? Will it change your online searches for the better?

Let us know!


Es ist gut, ja?

We hope our German users managed to catch InvisibleHand’s mention in the Hamburger Morgenpost!

We’re very happy that InvisibleHand has been highlighted as a great extension for Chrome and Firefox, as we’re sure you also agree.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then check it out below. Don’t forget to show your friends too ;-)



InvisibleHand is one of the best Firefox Addons!

But you knew that already of course…

We’re happy to announce that as well as InvisibleHand gracing the pages of Mozilla Firefox’s top 25 extensions of all time, being a featured extension on Chrome and Safari, and being frequently recommended on Lifehacker, tech site Make Use Of┬áhas added us to their list of Best Firefox Addons!

You can find us in the shopping section, alongside retail giant Amazon’s offering – ‘Amazon Add to WishList’

InvisibleHand is one of the 'Best Firefox Addons'

What do you think? Do you agree we’re one of the best shopping addons for Firefox?

We’re thrilled to be recognised again as a great money saving extension!