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Tablets to overtake PCs and laptops?

Speaking at a conference recently, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook said he expects tablets to soon be more popular than PCs and laptops - coincidentally just before the rumoured iPad 3 launch in March. It’s an understandably confident statement to make considering the success of the iPad and iPad 2, but with decades of laptop and desktop development behind them, it’s hard to see why they would want to disregard their previous enormous success so quickly.

Or maybe they know something that we don’t (not for long!)

Can you see yourself ditching your chunky desktop or slow laptop for a slick tablet anytime soon? Would you be comfortable having all your documents/music/personal files on such a small and delicate device?

The touch screen keyboards take a while to get used to, but with extra accessories available including a wireless keyboard – it seems as though the tablet can try it’s best to be the slick and contemporary younger model, but it’s still trying to get back to the simple functionalities a laptop offers. Using a tablet is a pleasant vacation from the slow starting, heavy laptops you’re accustomed too, but once you’ve loaded all you need onto your tablet surely this will be the same slow paced device only on a smaller and more breakable screen.

We can see tablets becoming much more popular, especially if smaller lower priced models are introduced, but it’s hard to see them overtaking PCs and laptops in households as well as in the market.

But what do you think? Have you been leaning towards the tempting tablets? Or are they only something you’ll try if you can find a low priced one to trial?

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