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Industry News – Amazon to venture offline

We saw the launch of the Kindle Fire in the US last year, with similarities to Apple’s iPad, but now Amazon has gone one very large step further. Amazon has announced they plan to open a shop in Seattle, selling Kindles and Amazon-published books. But is this incredibly successful online retailer going backwards?

They plan to stock books which they usually stock online, and can’t be found in any other US bookstore. This will be a plus for convenience, quick transactions and reaching a different (potentially older) market – but what do you think?

Will you still be checking online for the best price? If other low price trusted retailers decided to go back to the high street and malls, would you turn your back on your laptop in favour of the shops? Perhaps there is a revival of the high street in the horizon, or perhaps it’s a case of ‘works for some’.

We think it’s an exciting development but we like to find the best price online, shopping in lots of places at the same time by sitting in one place!

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