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This just in…

A brand spanking new feature has just been added to InvisibleHand for all our US users on Chrome!

InvisibleHand now finds the latest hyper-relevant daily deals for users while they are searching online for a restaurant or service.

Try it out – go to Yelp in your Chrome browser and type in any category from “dentist” to “massage” in the area of your choice and your favourite InvisibleHand notification will discreetly appear when it has automatically found relevant deals to show you.

These deals come from well known sites such as Groupon and Living Social,  just like our well known retailers, so you can now also trust InvisibleHand to find you the best daily deal!

Just another genius idea from the InvisibleHand team ; -)

To see it work before your very eyes, simply uninstall the current InvisibleHand and download the newest version from our website (any issues with how to do this please let us know at

In case it’s all too much to take in, we’ll clarify this for you: InvisibleHand can now automatically find US users the lowest priced products, flights, hotel bookings, car rentals and now Daily Deals (on Chrome in the US)!

What more could you ask for? (If you do have more to ask for – drop us an email!)

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