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Brits rank UK hotels worst in Europe & US, with popular holiday destinations Turkey and Greece runners up…

Research from one of our recent surveys found that surprisingly a quarter of Brits didn’t think much of UK hotels – so little in fact that they came top in a poll of worst hotels!

Perhaps the stereotypical rainy weather in the UK literally put a dampener on the hotel experience, whereas hotels in Italy and Portugal had the sun on their side? One annoyance that was clear was dirty rooms and noisy neighbours – 94% asked were frustrated with dirty rooms and 84% with noisy rooms.

Portugal came out top, with only 1% voting the popular holiday hot spot as a source of hotel misery – the USA came third with only 3% disliking the hotels across the pond.

We know how important hotels are to your holiday, 6 in 10 of you echoed this by stating hotels can make or break your holiday! That’s why we added a new feature to our superb price finding extension. As well as automatically finding the lowest price for products you search for, InvisibleHand now automatically finds the lowest price for hotel rooms you search for too – anywhere!

Not only can you book the lowest priced hotel room with our real time price comparison, but you can also see the highlights from reviews in an easy to view summary, to double check the hotel meets your expectations before you get there!

Hotel Review

There is also a map showing the hotel you are viewing, plus alternative hotels and places of interest.

Hotel Local Area Map

What else could you need to know? (There are pictures too of course, we all know that’s most important after price!)

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