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InvisibleHand adds Hotels and Car Rentals!

Just in time before the winter blues kick in, InvisibleHand has completed the price comparison holiday package by adding hotels and car rentals to our growing roster!

So, InvisibleHand will help you to automatically get the lowest price on products, flights, hotels and rental-cars. Now you can afford that much needed holiday, or treat yourself to another one!

The new features are just as easy to use and work in the same way as searching for anything else using InvisibleHand. When you’re using any of your favourite travel sites, InvisibleHand will automatically search for the best price on the hotel you want and check to see if there are better deals available at nearby hotels.

You can view all of your search results with pictures, reviews and prices in an easy to navigate layout.

Similarly, when searching any popular car rental site, InvisibleHand will look for a better deal on the dates and location you’ve already specified.

Our recent study comparing car rental giant Hertz and InvisibleHand, found that over a set period in October out of 20 popular cities InvisibleHand found the lowest prices for 18 of the cities. All savings were worth more than £10 and the average saving was £47.77, the largest saving £101.61 in Rome!

InvisibleHand covers most car rental companies and hotels, so we know we can provide the best price.

Why not try it out today and let us know what you think?

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