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InvisibleHand Does Flights!

We’re excited to announce that InvisibleHand is now able to help users get the cheapest flights – automatically. When you search for a flight at any popular travel site or airline, InvisibleHand will automatically search for cheaper or more convenient flights – on the day & route you specified. It’ll then show a discreet notification at the top of the page, with access to the flights available via a drop-down menu.

This could be particularly useful if you’re using a travel site which excludes some airlines, or if you’re searching an airline site which doesn’t allow it’s flight to be listed on the flight comparison websites. It’ll also help you if you enter a flight-related search into Google – all without leaving the page.

The flight-search feature is available immediately to new & existing InvisibleHand users in US & UK on Chrome, Safari & IE.

It’s also available on Firefox via InvisibleHand’s beta channel

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