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InvisibleHand is now a Safari extension!

InvisibleHand is now available as a Safari extension. It lacks a few bells and whistles but otherwise should work just like other version for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Please let us know if you notice anything unusual!

3 Responses to “InvisibleHand is now a Safari extension!”

  1. [...] The InvisibleHand extension will subtly let you know when it finds a cheaper price to a product elsewhere on the Internet. The list of supported retailers is fairly decent for the U.S., UK and Germany, but more are being added frequently. [...]

  2. Skylar says:

    it’s not showing on the menu bar after I downloaded it (twice, the first time it just disappeared from the extensions bar, but the second time around it;s still there installed but I can’t open it)

  3. admin says:

    InvisibleHand dosn’t have any menu bar. It is invisible until it finds a product that matches your search, and then shows you a notification!