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Archive for May, 2010

Version 2.2 for Firefox is out

Few days ago we’ve updated you about problem with version 2.0. It was a priority for us to fix the issue, and as a result version 2.1 was released on the day when we’ve discovered the problem. It took few more days to release new version 2.2 that replaces both of them.

We hope you’ll find new types of notifications introduced easier to notice, better looking and easier to navigate. You can now open products from alternative retailers in separate tabs if you wish. We’ve also added support for Yahoo! and Bing search engines apart from Google (and as usual, you have control over that setting on Options page).

We’ve also released versions with the same functionality for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, so regardless of which browser you’re using, enjoy!


Version 2.0 of InvisibleHand for Firefox is broken

Several users reported that the latest upgrade of InvisibleHand for Firefox to version 2.0 has caused many websites to log out without a reason. This is due to a bug that we didn’t catch during testing. I am very sorry this has happened. I will make sure the next release of InvisibleHand for Firefox performs well.

If you are affected by this problem, please either downgrade to 1.8.2 (which is up on the Mozilla addons website right now) or upgrade to 2.1 when it is released (should happen today or tomorrow).

Again, I’m sorry this has happened and I’ll make changes to the development and testing process to make sure the bugs like that get caught early.

Evgeny Shadchnev
InvisibleHand developer