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Archive for December, 2009

InvisibleHand for Chrome now supports Google

Starting from version 0.1.4 that we released minutes ago, InvisibleHand supports Google notifications. Most users love this feature but you can disable it on the options page if you want.

In the past few days more than 2000 people have installed InvisibleHand for Chrome and many have left comments with praise and suggestions. Thank you, it is very much appreciated!


InvisibleHand for Google Chrome is updated to 0.1.2

We’ve updated the Chrome version of InvisibleHand to 0.1.2. The latest version includes the support of all countries (US, UK, Germany). It’s also much faster than v. 0.1!


InvisibleHand available for Google Chrome!

Today Google unveiled the official Chrome extensions website, so we uploaded InvisibleHand for Chrome there. It lacks many features that Firefox’s version has, mainly UK/Germany support (yes, it’s US only at the moment), but we’re working on it. Download InvisibleHand for Google Chrome now!